How To Clean An Air Conditioner

How To Clean An Air Conditioner Coil On Your Central Air Conditioning System – DIY AC Maintenance

Our Nate Certified Technician demonstrates how to clean an air conditioner coil on a central air conditioning system. While we advise that you have one of our Chicago HVAC service technicians perform your air conditioner maintenance for you, it is possible to do it yourself. Condenser coil cleaners are available at hardware stores for this purpose. Be sure to disconnect all power to your AC unit before beginning and read the instructions on your cleaner carefully. Cleaning your air conditioning coil is only one part of your suggested annual maintenance. Our techs perform a complete analysis of your central air conditioning system to identify potential problems and to ensure everyting is working properly. If you have a new unit and want to preserve your warranty, you will need to have it professionally done, and documented. If your warranty has expired, and you simply would like to increase the efficiency of your central air conditioning unit, then cleaning your coil is a good place to start.

If you would like more information on how to improve the efficiency of your central ac system on your Chicago home call today or click here for more information on our air conditioning maintenanance programs.

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