Radon testing and mitigation service for Illinois and NW Indiana. Aprilaire radon removal

Step 1: Contact Us

Contact our air quality professionals to assess your needs and to schedule an appointment.

Step 2: Schedule A Test

Our Radon Remediation Technician will visit your home to set up the test and answer your questions.

Step 3: Radon Mitigation

If your Radon test returns with elevated results, you will be presented with all radon mitigation options.

Radon Testing & Radon Mitigation For Home Sales in Illinois and Indiana

Whether you are you are selling or buying a home in Illinois & Indiana, Radon gas is a major concern. Those looking to sell their homes will need to perform a radon test. If this test comes back with elevated Radon levels, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to install a Radon mitigation solution. While it may be possible to lower Radon levels in the home through home improvements such as sealing foundation cracks and sealing sump pits, these tend to be temporary solutions. At Polar Heating and Air Conditioning, our Indoor Air Quality experts can perform Radon testing and offer Radon mitigation solutions that offer a permanent solution to this serious problem. Getting started is simple. If you are preparing to sell your home, or you are buying a new home in Chicago, the suburbs or NW Indiana Radon removal starts with these 3 easy steps.

  • Contact us: Our representatives are ready to learn about your project and schedule a testing appointment to best accommodate your schedule.
  • Perform the test: On your scheduled day our Radon removal technician will visit your home to place the Aprilaire® short-term test kit in the appropriate area of your home. The test will remain undisturbed for 3-7 days. Afterwards, the test will be mailed to a lab for analysis.
  • Radon Mitigation & Remediation: If elevated levels of Radon have been identified via the test, the mitigation process will be scheduled. Aprilaire® Radon Mitigation Fans use ventilation to draw the gas from beneath your foundation and releasing outdoors.

Radon Inspections and Remediation Services For Homeowners In Chicago & NW IN

Did you know that Radon exposure is the #1 cause of lung cancer in non-smokers? Did your further know that an estimated 1 in 5 homes has elevated Radon levels? Fortunately, it is relatively easy to test and mitigate this harmful, naturally occurring gas from your home. At Polar, we use testing and radon remediation equipment from Aprilaire®. Aprilaire® is an industry leader in air quality products for the home. Our experts can perform a simple radon test at your home and provide the remediation solution that best works for you.


facts about radon gas removal and testing in indiana and illinoisWhat is Radon?

Radon gas is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is the byproduct of the breakdown of water and rocks. It has no color or odor and enters homes through cracks and holes in your foundation or crawlspace. Currently it is estimated that 30 states have elevated radon levels. Illinois and Indiana are amongst them. Furthermore, only 15% of homeowners have tested for Radon since they bought their homes.

Surprisingly, many of us have heard about the dangers of Radon but have done nothing about it. Many homeowners simply don’t know where to begin or what is involved in the process. The fact is that Radon remediation and testing is easy and the installation of a radon fan is relatively straightforward and affordable.

While it is easy to become distracted by everyday life, it is important to protect yourself and your family from the harmful effects of this silent killer. It is time to stop waiting until the right time, or when you are going to sell your home. Radon is not waiting to harm your health and the health of everyone in your home. Contact our Certified Aprilaire® Radon specialists today to get started so you can breathe easier.

Home radon remediation system from aprilaire® chicago, illinois indianaCertified Aprilaire® Radion Mitigation Fan System Installation & Testing

Polar Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to offer Radon removal service with equipment and testing from Aprilaire®. Our certified Radon professionals will be with you every step of the way when it comes to the safety of your home. From testing to installation you can rest assured you are receiving the best service and prices on the highest quality equipment. Isn’t it time you took the first step to ensuring your family is breathing the safest indoor air possible? Simply put, it all starts with a test. If your test results show acceptable radon levels, you will not have to install a fan system. If the levels in your home are elevated, you can expect honesty and integrity when it comes to your installation.  At Polar, we stand behind all of our projects. Contact us today and Experience the Polar Difference!

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