Whole Home Humidifiers

Chicago whole home humidifier installation and humidifiers for sale

Aprilaire indoor air quality specialist Chicago humidifier, air purifier, dehumidifier installation & repair.People often associate humidity with being uncomfortable in warm weather. While this is true, a lack of humidity in the winter can be just as miserable. Dry skin, static electricity, cracking floors, and higher energy costs are all associated with low humidity during the heating season. Humidifiers from Aprilaire can help to optimize the level of moisture in the air of your home. This in turn improves overall comfort and health for your entire family. At Polar Heating and Air Conditioning we install whole home humidifiers from Aprilaire for all types of situations. Whether you are looking for a powered whole home humidifier, or a bypass humidifier we have what you need. Our indoor air quality experts can provide same day installation on all humidifiers, so you can start experiencing the comfort and benefits right away. Contact one of our customer service representatives today to schedule a Free Estimate on a whole home humidifier today!

Humidifiers: Which Type is best For Your Home?

What type of humidifier you choose has everything to do with your home, and your heating and cooling system. At Polar Heating And Air Conditioning We offer 2 types of humidifiers from Aprilaire, the inventor of whole home humidifiers. Our indoor air quality experts can help you decide which one is best for your particular situation.


Aprilaire Power humidifiers installed in Chicago, IL

Aprilaire® Power Humidifier

Powered humidifiers use a fan to aid in moisture circulation & are perfect for larger homes.

• Provides effective humidification for 4200 sq ft homes.

• Fully automatic control.


Aprilaire Bypass Humidifier Installation in Chicago, IL & Surrounding Communities

Aprilaire® Bypass Humidifier

Bypass humidifiers are an effective and economical way to provide humidity control for small & midsize homes.

• Provides effective humidification for 3000 sq ft homes.

• Fully automatic control.

Benefits of Whole Home Humidifiers

As mentioned earlier, a whole home humidifier can provide your family and home with many benefits. Whether you are looking to enhance comfort, create a healthy indoor environment, lower utility bills, or protect your home from damage, humidifiers are the perfect solution.

  • Comfort: Humidifiers help to eliminate static electricity and greatly improve comfort during the winter months.
  • Health: Viruses like a low humidity environment. Humidifiers can reduce the amount of cold and flu outbreaks in your home. Dry skin, bloody noses, itchy eyes can also be relieved with the installation of a whole home humidifier.
  • Home Protection: Dry winter air can cause walls, woodwork and wood floors to crack. Also, Static Electricity can destroy expensive electronics.
  • Lower Utility Bills: You feel colder when the there is not enough humidity. This ultimately leads to raising the thermostat. Humidifiers help you to feel warmer, and in turn, you can set your thermostat lower.

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